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Табелка “Усмихни се!”
1 х 10,50 лв
Табелка “Усмихни се!”
1 х 10,50 лв


52,48 лв
Включено ДДС и транспортни разходи

About the company

Simetro books starts its activity in 2000 as publishing house specializing in design and production for gift products and book accessories.

Today, few years late, Simetro Books is leader in creating, production and spreading of designer and gift books, cards, book accessories and other gift items. Simetro Books is working with the leading book distribution chains, gift shops, flower shops and other in Bulgaria.


Our focus is on:

  • Conception and design of the products

  • Production and control of quality

  • Work with end traders

  • Distribution in and out of the country


During the years our clients were big firms from consulting, telecommunication, media and business with services.

Our purpose is to offer higher quality products and modern design.

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