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Табелка “Усмихни се!”
1 х 10,50 лв
Табелка “Усмихни се!”
1 х 10,50 лв


52,48 лв
Включено ДДС и транспортни разходи

For authors and illustrators


You have an idea for a game, but you don’t know how to realize it - contact us!

We will be happy to hear and see your proposals!

However not every game suits in our publishing plan. We are focused on family games, party games, games with cards and dices, communicative games, puzzles and riddles. Our games have to be easy to understand, with easier rules and not that many components. Hard strategy games, abstract, fantasy or role games are not for us.

If you think that your game is according to our criteria, you can send it on e-mail:

  • short description of the game

  • game instruction

  • pictures of prototype or ideas for the game design, if you have any

  • other information that will help you to present the game (short video how the game should be played or other)

If we like the game we will contact you for more information, tests, contractual and monetary relations and possible printing.


Why work with us?

A few years ago we published our first board game - Black Stories, which is co-production with Moses verlag, Germany. First edition of Black Stories 1 and Black Stories Funny Death Edition was sold out for under ten months. Last year we launched our first educational cards for children "Learn and play everywhere", which combine the idea of flash cards and easy games through which children can learn basic things like addition and subtraction, words in Bulgarian and English .

Now we are working on creating new educational, kids and party games. Daily we are working with bookstore chains and board game stores and we are having a working model for distribution, accounting and good communication with the main traders on the market. By our publishing activity we have built work model with print houses in Sofia, the country and foreign country, as well as with designers and pre-printers.

What we await from you: idea and concept for the game, participation in development, tests, design and print, participation in promoting and advertising the game.

What to await from us?

Organization for the development, tests, design, print and distribution of the game.

We know for sure two things: how to play games and how to publish them.



If you want to present your illustrations and designs and together to create great products -contact us.

We will be happy to hear and see your proposals!

However not every illustrations and designs suits in our catalog and respond to our target group products. You can take a look at our products on the site to get an idea for the designs that we use.

If you think that your work is according to our criteria, you can send them on e-mail:

  • short autobiography or CV

  • portfolio

  • which programs do you use, have you done prepress so far


If we like your designs and illustrations, we will contact you.

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